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Archival Fine Art Digital Prints of Philip Hyde's color photographs have been made by Carr Clifton since 1998, eight years before Philip Hyde passed on. Philip Hyde oversaw production, authorized and signed at least five of the archival fine art digital prints before his passing. Carr Clifton was a protege of Philip Hyde for over 30 years and is sensitive to his printing aesthetics and approach.

Archival Fine Art Digital Prints are produced in special numbered editions. Archival Fine Art Digital Prints are limited by pricing. Prints of each image go up in price $100 each time 10 prints of that particular photograph sell. Those photographs that sell higher quantities will eventually become much higher valued than the other prints. For example, when 200 prints of an image have sold, it will be valued at $2,000 more in all print sizes than it was to begin with and $2,000 more than prints of the other photographs. For example, "Virginia Creeper, Northern Sierra Nevada, California, 1977" has already sold 10 prints and is priced $100 higher in all sizes than the other prints.

Philip Hyde original vintage prints are very rare and most of the best images have long sold out. Also, because Philip Hyde lost his eyesight, he never printed many of his best later photographs. When Philip Hyde was print making himself, he produced traditional silver gelatin black and white prints, color dye-transfer prints and color Cibachrome prints. He did not print the same best images over and over like many photographers. Each time he came home from a photography trip, he printed only 2 or 4 prints from that excursion. If there was an order for more he might print as many as 2 to 4 more prints given the time, difficulty and cost of color print making. After printing from one project, he would go traveling again, return and print the new photographs from the new outing. He rarely went back and printed older photographs. Nearly all of his prints were vintage prints and made in very limited numbers. As a result, most prints of the well-known photographs are now gone. The new archival fine art digital prints allow collectors and fans of conservation photography to enjoy new releases and the old favorites that in many cases have not been printed or exhibited for decades. The archival fine art digital prints are also limited in production by the expense and difficulty of translation from large format film to quality digital images.

Philip Hyde archival fine art digital prints are produced either with a 9-ink Inkjet printer on cotton rag or premium luster paper or with a lightjet printer on Crystal Archive paper, in which case they are not pigment prints but prints digitally exposed with light. According to tests by a number of independent labs, the life of archival fine art digital prints is much longer than that of color vintage prints from print making methods of the past. In addition, the process of translating a 4X5 or 5X7 film original transparency or negative into digital print-ready form is complicated, expensive, time consuming and expert labor intensive. The highest quality equipment and methods known are used at each step starting with drum scanning and ending with print preparation.

When landscape photographer and print maker Carr Clifton first expressed interest in photography over 35 years ago, his mother took him to meet Philip Hyde who happened to be a neighbor. From then on Philip Hyde was a mentor and friend to Carr Clifton. Carr Clifton has become a highly respected outdoor photographer in his own right. The two landscape photographers worked on several book projects together such as "Wild By Law" and "Sierra Club: 100 Years of Protecting Nature." Also, side-by-side for many years their landscape photographs dominated the Sierra Club Calendars that contained the work of the most famous nature photographers of the time.

A portion of proceeds from Archival Fine Art Digital Print sales will fund green energy development, land conservation and other environmental causes. Philip Hyde was one of a few landscape photographers, famous as a master of color as well as black and white photography. He was also well-known as a master print maker in both mediums. Philip Hyde’s vintage prints are in permanent collections in institutions such as The Smithsonian, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, George Eastman House, Time Life Gallery, California Academy of Sciences, The International Center of Photography and The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.


Philip Hyde Archival Fine Art Digital Prints Pricing

As of September 14, 2010

All images on this site in the following Portfolios are available as archival fine art digital prints:

"58 Years In The Wilderness"

"California Landscapes"

"Desert Landscapes"

"Mountain Scenes"

"Black and White Vintage & Digital Prints I"

"Black and White Vintage & Digital Prints II"

"Non-Portfolio Color Original & Digital Prints"

Many images from "Old Mexico & Baja California" and "Photography School Vintage Prints" are available as Philip Hyde original black and white vintage prints. See "About Vintage B & W Prints" under INFO, and contact information for aquisitions below.

Below is the current archival fine art digital prints pricing structure. More on this, image information, print size availability and other options are found inside the portfolios by mousing over the various tabs at the bottom of each photograph.

Print Size Unmatted/Unframed Matted Matted & Framed

8X10 $175 $200 $225

11X14 325 375 425

16X20 475 550 625

20X24 675 775 875

24X30* 925 1050 1175

32X40* 1175 1325 1475

*Some photographs not available in 24X30 or 32X40 sizes.

Archival fine art digital prints are each numbered and part of a numbered special edition. Every time an image sells 10 prints, it goes up $100 in all sizes. For example: More than 10 prints have sold of “K-RR-52 Virginia Creeper.” “Virginia Creeper” for the next 10 prints is priced at $275 for an 8X10 print only, $425 for an 11X14, $575 for a 16X20, $775 for a 20X24, $1025 for a 24X30, and $1275 for a 32X40.

For Print Acquisitions Please Place Orders Through the Shopping Cart in the Image Portfolios or Inquire Through The Contact Page.