Solo Exhibitions, One Man Shows, Gallery, Museum, University and Library Exhibitions

Miscellaneous Educational and Smaller Venue Exhibitions

Selections of photographs, as well as larger exhibitions have shown in public libraries, College and University galleries, and smaller private galleries throughout the United States.

Solo Exhibitions (Partial List)

1951 Sierra Club Library, San Francisco, 20 b/w silver gelatin prints

1951-1956 The National Parks Of America, circulated by the National Parks Association to Museums, Libraries and Universities. Opened at Cosmos Club, Washington D.C., 18 b/w prints

1953 Dinosaur National Monument, Cleveland Public Library, Cleveland, Ohio, 12 b/w prints

1954 Dinosaur National Monument, Des Moines Public Library, Des Moines, Iowa, 12 b/w prints

1955 Morocco, Chicago Public Library, Illinois, 48 b/w prints

1956-1959 America’s National Parks And Monuments, revised and enlarged from 1951 show. Opened at Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C., circulated by The Smithsonian Institute, , 30 b/w prints

1956 Mills College Library, Oakland, California, 41 b/w prints

1956 Dinosaur National Monument, Fresno State University Gallery, Fresno, California, 12 b/w prints

1956 Schenectady Museum of Art, Schenectady, New York, 40 b/w prints

1956 Art Gallery, University of State of New York, Albany, New York, 40 b/w prints

1957 George Eastman House, Rochester, New York, 25 prints, 3 purchased for permanent collection

1961 Point Reyes, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, 30 prints

1961 Pacific Grove Museum, Pacific Grove, California, 20 b/w prints

1962-1963 The Point Reyes Peninsula, The Nut Tree, Vacaville, California, circulated by The Sierra Club 1964-1967 to California Colleges, Libraries and Museums, 20 b/w 30 X 40 prints

1963 Architecture Gallery, University of California, Berkeley, California, 48 b/w prints

1966 Canessa Gallery, San Francisco, California, 36 b/w, 8 color prints

1968 When The Light Says Now, Sierra Club Gallery, Time-Life Building, New York City, 36 b/w 20 X 24 prints

1968 DeCrepit Press, Nevada City, California, 18 b/w prints

1968 Monterey Peninsula Gallery of Art, Monterey, California, 10 b/w prints

1968 Smithsonian Museum Shops, Washington D.C., 15 b/w prints

1968 Sierra Club Gallery, New York City, 20 b/w 20 X 24 prints

1969 Visitor’s Center, Yosemite National Park, opening of permanent exhibit

1969 Collector's Choice, Focus Gallery, San Francisco, 40 b/w, 10 color prints

1970 Napa College Art Gallery, Napa, California, 22 b/w, 18 color prints

1972 California’s Gold Machines, Oakland Museum, History Gallery, Oakland, California, 20 b/w prints, with other historical photographs

1974 Plumas Museum, Quincy, California, 40 b/w, 12 color prints

1976 Lightspur Gallery, Anchorage, Alaska, 16 b/w prints, 29 dye-transfer color prints

1976 Focal Point Gallery, Ruidoso, New Mexico, 38 dye-transfer color prints

1976 The Photography Place, Stratford, Pennsylvania, 34 dye-transfer prints

1977 Knoxville City Hall Rotunda, Knoxville, Tennessee, 34 D.T. color prints

1977 J-Hunt Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 20 b/w, 20 DT prints

1977 Northlake Gallery, Tahoe City, California, 20 DT prints

1978 Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff, Arizona, 30 DT prints

1978 Whiteside Gallery, San Francisco, California, 46 DT prints

1978 Photography Southwest Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona, 15 DT prints

1979 Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, DT prints, 2 prints purchased for permanent collection

1980 Alaska State Museum, Juneau, Alaska, exhibited in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau, 41 DT prints

1980 Plumas Museum, Quincy, California, 21 b/w and color prints of Daisy and Lily Baker, Northern Maidu Basket Weavers

1980 Maidu Country, Redding Museum and Art Center, Redding, California, 21 b/w and color prints of Northern Maidu Basket Weavers

1980 Ansel Adams Gallery, Yosemite Village, California, 20 DT prints

1980 Columbia Gallery of Photography, Columbia, Missouri, 30 DT prints

1984 Plumas Museum, Quincy, California, dye-transfer and Cibachrome prints

1985-1986 Steven Johnides Gallery, San Francisco, California, dye-transfer and Cibachrome prints

1987 North American Deserts, California Academy of Sciences, Rotunda Gallery, San Francisco, California, 34 Cibachrome prints from the book Drylands: The Deserts of North America

1987 Reflections of Nature, Lightwork Gallery, Sacramento, California, 35 Cibachrome prints

1990 Drylands: The Deserts of North America, Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada, Cibachrome prints from the book Drylands

1990 Mountain and Desert, Nevada Museum of Art, E. L. Wiegand Gallery, Reno, Nevada, Cibachrome prints from Drylands with Northern Sierra

1990 Artworks Gallery, Quincy, California, Cibachrome prints

1990 High Desert Museum, Bend, Oregon, Cibachrome prints

1999 Plumas Arts Gallery, Quincy, California, b/w prints

2002 International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, more than 50 dye-transfer and Cibachrome prints

2003 Plumas Museum, Quincy, California, 21 dye-transfer, Cibachrome and Ektacolor prints

2008 Commemorative Retrospective: 50 Years In The Wilderness, Backroom Gallery, Chester, California, local Plumas County unveiling of 12 new color archival pigment prints from new color portfolio 50 Years In The Wilderness, 1 original dye transfer print, 1 framed lithograph from Sierra Club 1973 "Mountain and Desert Portfolio," numerous additional archival pigment prints and lithograph prints matted in flat file

2009 Philip Hyde Retrospective: 58 Years In The Wilderness, Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, California, larger unveiling of full portfolio of 18 archival prints plus first time showing of 12 black and white archival pigment prints from "Retrospective Black And White Portfolio One."

2010 The Pioneering Photography Of Philip Hyde, Mountain Light Gallery, Bishop, California, over 50 archival digital prints, color as well as black and white prints.

2010 Philip Hyde Mountain Landscapes, Gallery A, Camera Obscura Gallery, Denver, Colorado, 23 archival black and white and color digital prints, 2 Cibachrome, 2 dye transfer, 6 vintage silver black and white prints. Concurrent with Carolyn Guild in Gallery B, Camera Obscura Gallery.

2012 Plumas Arts Tour: Open Artists Studios, First public open studio ever at the Philip Hyde Studio. Many vintage and archival digital prints.

2014 This Land Is Our Land: Philip Hyde And The American Wilderness, Smith Andersen North Gallery

San Anselmo, California, 17 vintage silver gelatin black and white prints, 11 contemporary silver black and white prints, 7 color archival digital prints, 2 color dye transfer prints.

2015 Philip Hyde: Mountains and Deserts, San Francisco International Airport, SFO Museum, San Francisco, California, 6 vintage black and white prints, 6 archival black and white prints.