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Outdoor Photographer Magazine, September 2016

For the Common Good - Photography With a Purpose Special Issue

Enduring Images: an interview with celebrated nature photographer and 2017 NANPA Lifetime Achievement award winner Jack Dykinga talking about the example and approach of Philip Hyde by David Leland Hyde

Outdoor Photographer Magazine, August 2016

Black and White Special Issue

Master of Platinum: an interview with fine-art photographer and expert platinum and palladium printer Dick Arentz mentions teaching with Philip Hyde by David Leland Hyde

Picturing America's National Parks, 2016

by assistant curator Jamie M. Allen

Aperture Foundation copublished with Eastman Museum

"Some of the finest landscape photography in the history of the medium from America’s most magnificent and sacred environments."

Outdoor Photographer Magazine, June 2016

National Parks Centennial Special Issue

Philip Hyde: The Art of Making National Parks

Philip Hyde’s photography continues to inspire the conservation of America’s treasures

by David Leland Hyde

The Magazine Antiques, March/April 2016

The George Eastman Museum by Bruce Barnes

Framing Nature: A century and a half of photographs of the Grand Canyon at the George Eastman Museum by Jamie M. Allen

Outdoor Photographer Blog, March 2016

Remembering Philip Hyde, Visionary Landscape Photographer & Conservationist by Wes Pitts

Sojourns Magazine, Summer/Fall 2015

Peaks, Plateaus and Canyons Association

Photography on the Colorado Plateau/Imaging the Plateau: A Brief History by Dr. James Swensen, Brigham Young University

Outdoor Photographer Magazine, March 2014

The Art Of Vision: Learn to connect with the landscape like the great masters Ansel Adams, Minor White, Philip Hyde and others

by David Leland Hyde, Photography by Philip Hyde And David Leland Hyde

The first major print publication of David Leland Hyde's photography and first publishing credit writing about photography.

Guy Tal Photography Journal, September 13, 2011

Interview With David Leland Hyde

"Isaac Newton famously said that if he had seen further it is because he was standing on the shoulders of giants. Similarly, modern conservation photographers are carrying on the tradition of pioneers who used their photographic art to advocate for the preservation of wild places. Still, even among these proverbial giants of conservation photography, some stand taller than others and one of the tallest among them is photographer Philip Hyde."

Color Magazine, March 2011

Philip Hyde

"One of the principal photographers for the Sierra Club's groundbreaking books championing the wilderness, Philip Hyde played a major role in the modern environmental movement. His pioneering use of color set the standard and inspired a generation of landscape photographers."

Outdoor Photographer Magazine, November 2010

The Moors of California by Sean Arbabi

"Point Reyes National Seashore is a photographer's paradise." The article discusses the masters who have photographed Point Reyes: Eadweard Muybridge, Ansel Adams, Brett Weston, Philip Hyde and others. Also mentions the Sierra Club book Island In Time: The Point Reyes Peninsula by Harold Gilliam with photographs by Philip Hyde, which helped raise funds to buy the land that became Point Reyes National Seashore.

Field Report by Richard Wong May 2, 2010

Son of an Environmental Photography Pioneer: David Leland Hyde Interview The business side of conserving and curating the Philip Hyde legacy and photography collection.

Salt Lake City Weekly October, 2009

Ghosts of Glen Canyon

Land of the Lost: Ghosts of Glen Canyon revisits a submerged world by Geoff Griffin

In The Field Photo Blog by Richard Wong, June, 2009

Top 10 Most Influential Nature Photographers of All Time

Philip Hyde is #7, Ansel Adams #1, with other landscape photography greats including William Henry Jackson, Carleton Watkins and Eliot Porter.

New West Magazine, April 2006

Philip Hyde: Inspiring a Generation of Wilderness Photographers by Stephen Trimble

Outdoor Photographer, October 2005

The Lost World of Glen Canyon

by James Kay

Dry years in the West have lowered the level of Lake Powell and revealed long-submerged canyons

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Outdoor Photographer Magazine, April, 2009

Landscape Masters Through Time

Photography’s greats must find philosophical constants while embracing change... section by Carr Clifton >>Read More >>

Shift from large format film to digital. Finding inspiration in the work of others... section by Tom Till >>Read More >>