List of Major Publications with Philip Hyde As Primary Contributor

*Books in The Sierra Club Exhibit Format Series marked with a star (*)

**Hyde wrote all or part of the text (**)

List In **The Range of Light (1992)

Sierra Club Annual (1951)

This Is Dinosaur (1955)

Wilderness: America’s Living Heritage (1962)

*Island In time: The Point Reyes Peninsula (1962; 2nd ed. 1973)

*The Last Redwoods (1963)

*Time and The River Flowing: Grand Canyon (1964)

*Navajo Wildlands: As Long as the Rivers Shall Run ((1967)

*South of Yosemite (1968)

The Grand Colorado (1969)

The Wilderness World of the Grand Canyon (1971)

***Slickrock: The Canyon Country Of Southeast Utah (1971: 2nd ed. 1987)

*Alaska: The Great Land (1974)

Glen Canyon Portfolio (1979)

Images of the Southwest (Dye Transfer color portfolio, 1982)

**Drylands: The Five North American Deserts (1987; 2nd ed. 1990)

Books Not Listed In Range Of Light

A Climber’s Guide to Glacier National Park (1960)

Wilderness, America’s Living Heritage (1961)

Wildlands in our Civilization (1964)

*The Wild Cascades: Forgotten Parkland (1965)

National Parks of the West (1965)

*Not Man Apart (1965)

Glen Canyon Before Lake Powell

An Island Called California (1971)

The Pursuit of Wilderness (1971)

The Beautiful Southwest (1972)

Mountain and Desert, Sierra Club lithograph portfolio, (1973)

A Trace of Desert Waters (1976)

Voices for the Earth (1979)

State Parks Of California: from 1864 to the present (1980)

Sierra Club: 100 Years of Protecting Nature (1991)

Ghosts of Glen Canyon (2009)